Our Booth’s

Cool Photo booth

Bigger & Cool Booth’s

– We recognized a need for bigger booth’s to accomodate all your friends & cherished guests.  For that reason our booth’s come in big 4′ x 6 (enclosed) & we also have 10′ wide Open Air (Green Screen) backdrops.  We also have custom printed backdrops (Step and Repeat) from 9′-12′ wide, to make your party feel like a red carpet event.
– No photographer on a tripod, telling your guests to smile (Less awkward).  With our booth’s if you want privacy, you don’t need an attendant (Even though one is always there)

Both Photo & Video

– Our booth’s take both Photos & Video’s so you and your guests can leave heart felt video clips too.
– Fun Photo & Video Slideshow of pictures and video taken at event – Option (Video Comptilation) – A Youtube video of all of the pictures and video, that you can watch after –  Not just video files on a DVD or Flashdrive that you have to double click on each individually to see.

Green Screen (Selectable Backgrounds)

-You and your guests select which background you want to be the background of your picture via a Touchscreen.  With the Green Screen option you get 1 custom print layouts, 1 custom backdrop (Maybe a monogram of your initials or names) and 5 other choices.  For a total of 6 backdrop choices.

Truly Custom Layouts

– No templates!  We don’t just change the name & the date like our competitors.  With our team of graphic designers, you can customize it as little or as much as you want.  Tell us a color & a theme.  If you can dream it, we can design it!  Designs so cool, they themselves are keepsakes to remember your special day forever.  These were the prints from just 1 party
Custom Artwork

No Boring Box (Looks like a humongous camera)- Over the top, like your event…

– We are very proud to present to you our photo booth rentals here at San Diego’s Republic Photo booth. Unlike the usual booths that you normally see, we understand how important it is to stand out and make your celebration one of a kind. Instead of the normal box shaped photo booths, our booths are shaped like huge cameras with lenses. You will surely enjoy how they look like and your guests will easily know that it’s the right place to strike their poses and get their best shots.
We match our photo booth rentals to the kind of celebration that we will be hosting. We have huge booths to cater more people in larger occasions. This type of photo booth is perfect to capture the best and the wackiest family or group pictures. It is large enough for up to 20 people to fit. On the other hand, we also have small booths for smaller occasions. If you are having an intimate gathering with your family and loved ones, this type of photo booth is the best choice. It may not be as spacious as the huge booth, but it has all the props, costumes, and features. The small booth can cater three to five persons but is definitely more affordable than the larger type.
Aside from small and huge, we also have open air photo booths for outdoor events like garden weddings, beach weddings even the event (for a party scene), or custom backdrop for red carpet events and many more. This type of booth is more spacious and unique. We utilize the lighting and background and make the picture more natural yet unique.
Of course, we always make sure that you will be happy with your pictures. We use green screen for selectable backgrounds. We will bring your memories to different special places – No need to travel! Our designs are custom and unique. But we also let you choose what you want, so you can decide and participate while we do our job.
Our professional photographers only use DSLR cameras with high image quality and resolution for all our photo booth rentals. We also have adequate lighting for all our photo booths. This can add more elements and texture which will make the shots more dramatic. Most importantly, we print pictures using our fast printers that can produce high quality images in 12 seconds.
Create happy memories in our photo booth rentals and treasure them forever with Republic Photo Booth.