Q) Are you insured?
A) Yes, we’re insured to 2 million
Q) Do I get prints instantly?
A) Yes
Q) How many Green Screen backgrounds do I and my guests get to select from?
A) Up to 6
Q)Do you accept credit card?
A) Yes – We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express
Q) What is a Green Screen Photo Booth?
A) Green Screen is a technology that allows us to replace the green backdrop with any background of your choice.  You or your guests select via a touchscreen, background that you would like for your picture. It can be another place in the world or in a magazine. Or with a character or star you like. You pick the options.
Q) How much deposit do you require?
A) We require a 50% deposit to secure the date for your event.  The deposit is non-refundable.  The balance is due 1 week prior to the event.
Q) Do you have payment plans?
A) Yes, we can arrange payment plans.
Q) Are my pictures posted online and can I download them?
A) Yes, your pictures are posted online on our website
Q) How much do you charge for idle hours? (Sometimes you may want it to run during the cocktail hour, but not during the dinner, then have it up again for a couple hours after)
A) That’s a common request.  We charge $50/hour
Q) How much can I customize my design?
A) We do whatever you can imagine.  As little or as much as you’d like.  Tell us how many pictures you’d like, your favorite color or theme… and we’ll make it how you want it.  We don’t just change the words and add a small picture like some of the other photo booth companies.  Ask us for some examples.
Q) Is there an attendant with the booth?
A) Yes there is a friendly and knowledgeable attendant to help and entertain you and your guests at all times.
Q) Is there a delivery or setup fee to deliver the photo booth?
A) No, as long as you’re within 35 miles.
Q) There’s no elevator @ the venue and we need you setup on the 2nd floor, is that an issue?
A) No, that’s not a problem.
Q) Is it possible to setup your booth in 2 different place during the day.?
A) Yes, 1 setup is included in the price.  But to relocate it is an additional $200.
Q) Do you have a projector to display the pictures that are taken during the event?
A) Yes, we have a 5500 lumen (Super Bright) projector and 80” screen.
Q) Do you ever have a photo booth sale or deal on your service?
A) Yes, periodically we do –  Sign up to our newsletter to be notified